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Greenlit: Boom Town, BBC3

Boom Town w/t (1 x 30′ pilot) – Using the conventions of a glossy sketch show, Boom Town  sees real people cast in what will be a first for the sketch show genre. Whilst the place itself, Boom Town, will be entirely fictional, the people are real life characters and will appear to live there as a community. Fake road signs and carefully selected geography shots will all help create this illusion.

Cast from all over the country, the characters will have their own catchphrases, eccentricities and larger than life personalities, none of which will be scripted for them; they’ll be simply playing themselves.

Karl Warner, Executive Editor Entertainment, BBC3 said: “Boom Town will be the first sketch show to make stars out of real people. Some of the characters we’ve already met are laugh-out-loud funny and would sit well in any scripted comedy. BBC Three is always keen to try trying new things and this feels like an original proposition.”

Channel: BBC3

Producer: Knickerbockerglory


Source: BBC press release


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