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Greenlit: 1001 Things You Should Know, Channel 4

1001 Things You Should Know (30 x 30′) – There are some quiz questions that you are really proud of yourself for knowing. And then there are some questions that you should feel embarrassed for NOT knowing.

Each episode three contestants go head-to-head to prove they know the things they should know. Answering these basics unlocks trickier questions that can earn you lots of cash. But if you don’t know the thing you should know, you leave with nothing.

Experts – including recognisable Channel 4 faces – will pose the questions via VT that the contestants should know about their area of expertise – from sport and television, to history and mathematics. If players get their question right, then they can access a cash question which will be asked by the host of the show. But there can be only one winner each day, and they get to return the following show as Champion.

With the series starting from the 1st Thing You Should Know and counting upwards, viewers will get to play along and see how many things they knew, in this one-stop-shop for the busy brain-training generation.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Thames Scotland

TX: Summer 2012

Source: Channel 4 press release


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