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Greenlit: Spy vs. Spy, Military Channel

Spy vs. Spy w/t – Told by the men and women who risked their lives in the deadly “wilderness of mirrors” of international espionage, real-world tales of deception and intrigue. While the stories and methods seem to be ripped from the pages of a Hollywood screenplay, they are all true and highlight the life and […]

Greenlit: The Brokaw Files, Military Channel

The Brokaw Files w/t – Revisits pivotal moments in history through the eyes of Tom Brokaw, one of the most trusted and respected journalists of today. With Brokaw’s first-hand accounts drawn across his award-winning career, this new series provides viewers with new interviews and fresh insights from Brokaw himself that place these memorable news stories […]

Greenlit: Large Dangerous Rocket Ships 2012, Science

Large Dangerous Rocket Ships 2012 (1 x 120′) – Argonia, Kan., hosts the 2012 Large Dangerous Rocket Competition, drawing competitors and fans from around the country.  Mythbuster Kari Byron (TBD) takes viewers up close as competitors compete in the Odd Rocket and Fastest to 10,000 Feet competitions.  What began in 1981 as a small gathering […]

Greenlit: Super-Duper Thrill Rides, Destination America

Super-Duper Thrill Rides (  x 60′) – A look at the coolest and most extreme roller coasters. Americans have always had a passion for thrill rides, and we’ll hit the best in our country and the world. From Universal Studios in Florida to Six Flags in New Jersey to Cedar Point in Ohio, we’ll hear […]

Greenlit: Fast Food Mania, Destination America

Fast Food Mania (  x 30′) – Our host Jon Hein, a pop culture guru and burger-and-fry aficionado who hosts the “The Fast Food Show” on Howard Stern’s Sirius/XM station, travels across the country and around the globe to celebrate our favorite fast food treats and search for the most unusual fast food items and […]

Greenlit: Flight 800: A 14-Year Investigation Cracks the Case, Epix

Flight 800: A 14-Year Investigation Cracks the Case (1 x 60′) – Documentary that promises an exposé about the crash of a Boeing747 into the Atlantic Ocean that killed 230 people. Channel: Epix TX: July 2012 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: William Shatner’s Get a Life!, Epix

William Shatner’s Get a Life! (1 x 60′) – Documentary about Star Trek and its fans based on a book by William Shatner. Channel: Epix TX: July 2012 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Bradley Wiggins: Tour of Duty, Sky Atlantic

Bradley Wiggins: Tour of Duty  – Behind the scenes docuseries following Olympic Gold winner Bradley Wiggins as he trains for the punishing Tour de France. Channel: Sky Atlantic Producer: Twofour TX: TBC Source: Sky Atlantic

Greenlit: British Cycling: Road to Glory, Sky Atlantic

British Cycling: Road to Glory w/t (6 x ) – Docuseries following the British Cycling team and Team Sky as they battle psychological and physical setbacks in the bid to triumph in Olympic year. Channel: Sky Atlantic Producer: Twofour TX: TBC Source: Sky Atlantic

Greenlit: Wake Brothers, MTV

Wake Brothers – Reality series featuring wakeboarding champs – and brothers – Phil and Bob Soven. Channel: MTV TX: Summer 2012 Source: MTV press release

Greenlit: Ghost Mine, Syfy

Ghost Mine –  In the remote woods of Oregon lays one of the richest gold mines in the United States. For the last 100 years, it has remained abandoned — until now. Soon to be re-opened by a scraggly group of miners, these hardy souls will battle the elements to find their fortune. But with […]

Greenlit: Viral Video Showdown, Syfy

Viral Video Showdown –  The greatest viral video creators on the planet go head-to-head each week in an epic battle for bragging rights and a cash prize. Two teams will have to dig deep into their bag of viral tricks to create a video that best captures that week’s theme and impresses the expert panel […]

Greenlit: Hot Set, Syfy

Hot Set – An extreme design challenge pitting two Hollywood production designers each week in a head-to-head battle to design, build, decorate and ultimately create an original and signature movie set that transports the viewer into an immersive world. Channel: Syfy Producer: Mission Control Media TX:  2012 Source: Syfy press release

Greenlit: Collection Intervention, Syfy

Collection Intervention – Follows Elyse Luray, a sharp and to-the-point collectibles expert as she helps couples who are divided over what to do with an overwhelming collection of memorabilia. Whether it’s a husband’s collection of mint-condition G.I. JOE action figures worth thousands of dollars or a girlfriend’s treasure trove of Star Wars movie posters, Elyse […]

Greenlit: Paranormal Highway, Syfy

Paranormal Highway –Puts the pedal to the metal as Jack Osbourne and Dana Workman investigate the most frightening claims of paranormal activity along America’s remote back roads. Fueled by eyewitness interviews and evidence collected by state-of-the-art equipment, Jack and Dana will travel alone, self-documenting their harrowing road trip while coming face-to-face with paranormal legends. Channel: […]

Greenlit: School Spirits, Syfy

School Spirits – True ghost stories of hauntings that have happened at schools across the country. The stories will be told in first person narratives through the testimonials of real students, teachers, parents and staff that have encountered the paranormal activity, blended with bone-chilling cinematic reenactments to further bring the haunting experiences to life. Channel: […]

In Development: Longest.Date.Ever, Oxygen

Longest.Date.Ever – Follows two women per episode, who are exhausted by their quest to find “Mr. Right,” and sets them up on a date that lasts not just a few hours, but an entire week! The show will take singles that are scientifically proven to be each other’s ideal mates and move them in together […]

In Development: Propos’d, Oxygen

Propos’d – In this hilarious hidden-camera reality show, a team of pranking experts help mischievous but well-intentioned grooms come up with the most over-the-top and hilarious proposal stunts to give their girlfriends who have been driving them crazy for a proposal a taste of their own medicine. Each prank culminates with a genuine moment where […]

In Development: #VideoStar, Oxygen

#VideoStar w/t – Everyday across America, millions of talented performers post videos of themselves online in hopes of finally scoring their big break in the music industry. #VideoStar gives the best of these undiscovered talents a chance at their dream – starring in their very own music video directed by acclaimed music video director Erik […]

Greenlit: I’m Having Their Baby, Oxygen

I’m Having Their Baby – Follows would-be moms as they make the most difficult decision of their lives – whether or not to place their babies for adoption. They want better lives for their unborn children and brighter futures for themselves. The cameras follow these women as they search for potential adoptive parents, make their […]

Greenlit: My Shopping Addiction, Oxygen

My Shopping Addiction – Features shoppers who love the thrill of finding that perfect dress, beautiful décor item or fabulous piece of jewelry to purchase and call their own. But what happens when the high of the buy becomes an addiction and obsession, and causes their finances – and their lives – to start spinning […]

Greenlit: All the Right Moves, Oxygen

All the Right Moves – Showcasing Emmy® nominated choreographer Travis Wall (So You Think You Can Dance) and his lifelong friends and roommates: Teddy Forance (dancer/choreographer with Cirque du Soleil), dancer Nick Lazzarini (winner of So You Think You Can Dance season one) and Julliard trained Kyle Robinson (recently featured on Dancing with the Stars) in […]

Greenlit: Girlfriend Confidential: LA, Oxygen

Girlfriend Confidential: LA – Follows four beautiful and successful best friends who help each other navigate the tumultuous waters of love, celebrity life and the entertainment industry – they are nobody’s wife. At the epicenter of this beautiful, intelligent and savvy group is Eva Marcille (America’s Next Top Model), fashion model, actor and producer. Her […]

Greenlit: Girlfriend Confidential: NY, Oxygen

Girlfriend Confidential: NY – This series focuses on a group of gorgeous, well-dressed, high-powered and well-connected female friends in New York City that include: Leigh Cherrier (Public Relations Director for Louis Licari), Marianne Garvey (News Editor, InTouch Magazine), Leila Shams (Fashion Designer), Kelly Brady (Celebrity Publicist) and Raina Seitel (correspondent for NBC’s “New York Live”). […]

Greenlit: Britain in a Day, BBC2

Britain in a Day (1 x 90′) – A feature-length documentary providing a unique glimpse of contemporary British life. On 12 November last year the BBC invited people from all corners of the country to contribute to the definitive self-portrait of Britain today by turning the camera on themselves. Award-winning director Morgan Matthews will use […]

Greenlit: The War on Britain’s Roads, BBC1

The War on Britain’s Roads (1 x 60′) – Viewers will be parachuted into the middle of a war that is raging between two-wheeled road users and their four-wheeled counterparts. As more and more people take up cycling as a way of beating the traffic or just keeping fit on their commute, the potential for […]

Greenlit: I Want to Change My Body, BBC3

I Want to Change My Body (1 x 90′) – Aims to get under the skin of body-obsessed Britain by following up to 50 young adults who are unhappy with their appearance and want to make a change. Filming their own physical transformations over a number of months, they will share their most intimate thoughts […]

Greenlit: We’re Having a Baby, BBC3

We’re Having A Baby (1 x 90′) – Tells the story of young couples from across the UK at various stages of pregnancy. Each couple will film their own unique experience of what for many is the most significant journey in a person’s life. From delivery rooms and medical emergencies to night feeds and domestic […]

Greenlit: 1001 Things You Should Know, Channel 4

1001 Things You Should Know (30 x 30′) – There are some quiz questions that you are really proud of yourself for knowing. And then there are some questions that you should feel embarrassed for NOT knowing. Each episode three contestants go head-to-head to prove they know the things they should know. Answering these basics […]

Greenlit: Extraordinary People: The Baby With a New Face, Channel 5

Extraordinary People: The Baby With a New Face (1 x 60′) – Documentary about surgeon Niall Kirkpatrick as he attempts to reconstruct the face of a baby with facial deformities. Channel: Channel 5 (Extraordinary People strand) Producer: Transparent Television TX: June 2012 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Extraordinary People: The Boy They Call Fish, Channel 5

Extraordinary People: The Boy They Call Fish (1 x 60′) – Documentary about about a grandmother from Essex who has spent her life helping a young Vietnamese boy with a scaly skin condition. Channel: Channel 5 (Extraordinary People strand) Producer: Barcroft Films TX: June 2012 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Extraordinary People: The Girl With 90% Burns, Channel 5

Extraordinary People: The Girl With 90% Burns (1 x 60′) – Documentary about Terri Calvesbert who is learning how to make her way  in the world as a young adult whilst coping with the scars from burns she sustained in a house fire as a toddler. Channel: Channel 5 (Extraordinary People strand) Producer: Nine Lives […]

Greenlit: Nigellissima, BBC2

Nigellissima (6 x 30′) – The essence of Italian food, like Nigella’s style of cooking, is simplicity and directness.  In her new series, our favourite home cook shows how easy it is to bring the spirit of Italy into the kitchen and onto the plate using ingredients available in any English supermarket. With her passion […]

Greenlit: Eat, Drink, Cook China, BBC2

Eat, Drink, Cook China (4 x 60′) – Ken Hom & Ching-He Huang cook their way across China in an epic culinary adventure. Set against the backdrop of ancient and modern Asia together they embark on a journey of rediscovery and an emotional homecoming. Through the people they meet, cook and eat with they get […]

Greenlit: Rick Stein’s India: The Search For The Perfect Curry, BBC2

Rick Stein’s India: The Search For The Perfect Curry (6 x 60′) – Rick Stein embarks on a spectacular journey through the Indian sub-continent to discover the origins of dishes, ingredients and spices celebrated the world over. Intent on finding the perfect curry, Rick discovers new taste sensations and dishes, some of which, have never […]

Greenlit: The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food And Lose Weight, BBC2

The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food And Lose Weight (4 x 60′) – The Hairy Bikers are back with a brand new mission. Si King and Dave Myers have made their names cooking real food for real people, creating mouth-watering dishes big on flavour and calories and their bodies have taken the toll after […]

Greenlit: Island Hospital, ITV1

Island Hospital (12 x 30′) – Behind the scenes of the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey. Channel: ITV1 Producer: Maverick Television TX: 2012 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone, FOX Soccer

Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone (6 x ) – A groundbreaking documentary series that goes behind the scenes at one of the sport’s most historic clubs. A five-time European champion, Liverpool FC competes in England’s Barclays Premier League, the world’s foremost soccer league. Working directly with Liverpool’s ownership and management, FOX Soccer has gained exclusive […]

Greenlit: 41, HBO

41 (1 x 105′) – Documentary that profiles George Bush, 41st president of the USA, on his 88th birthday, charting his life from his childhood through to his career in politics and beyond. Channel: HBO TX: 14th June 2012 Source: C21

Greenlit: The Week the Women Went, Lifetime

The Week the Women Went (4 x 60′) – Can you imagine a world without women?  Which gender is more capable of running society’s day-to-day functions?  What impact is today’s shift in gender roles having on the world? This series removes the women from one American town to explore modern gender roles and find out […]

In Development: Sex and the Kitchen, Bravo

Sec and the Kitchen w/t  – This docu-series follows a group of single, successful and beautiful women connected to the restaurant and food industry in Los Angeles as they juggle a world where business always mixes with pleasure. Channel: Bravo Producer: Brownstone Entertainment TX: TBC Source: Bravo press release

Greenlit: Property Envy, Bravo

Property Envy  – For all those people who attend open houses with no real intention of buying, this studio-based talk show takes us inside unusual private homes, both on and off the market. Each week our esteemed design and real estate panelists will countdown the top homes and debate the merits of each, all culminating […]

In Development: Female Entrepreneur Project, Bravo

Female Entrepreneur Project w/t  – From the co-founders of Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful Women in Business ranking comes a competition project that breaks the mold of traditional business shows and celebrates the fact that women are leading the charge to build innovative and inspiring companies. Viewers get to delve into the lives and minds of […]

In Development: Fashion Stories of NYC, Bravo

Alumni Project w/t  – We follow four up-and-coming fashion design teams as they produce the defining collection of their careers, all under the watchful eye of fashion icon Andre Leon Talley. The mission to “create, show and sell” is clear for emerging designers striving to build a business in New York City which remains the […]

In Development: Alumni Project, Bravo

Alumni Project w/t  – Viewers meet graduates of some of the best high schools in the country… 15 years after the fact. Though their school days are in the past, the competition, the cliques, the insecurities and the longstanding grudges are as true now as they were back then. These driven and successful alumni may […]

Greenlit: Conquerors, Science

Conquerors (4 x 60′) – Sometimes they come at night, sometimes by day.  They eat, they kill and they lay waste to the land.  They are not from here.  They’re not even human.  Sounds like the plot of an old horror film?  In many ways, it is.  In a science and wildlife collection, we will […]

Greenlit: What is That? Science

What is That? (10 x 30′) – The addictive show that leaves viewers guessing just what they’re watching.  Each episode includes five stand-alone segments that use specialty cameras and innovative filming techniques to capture incredible and curiosity-piquing images. Channel: Science TX: Summer 2013 Source: Science Channel press release

Greenlit: Story of the Continents, Science

Story of the Continents (4 x 60′) – Across the Earth, there are traces of a mysterious, long-lost world.  In this four-part series featuring some of the world’s foremost experts in palaeogeography, botany and zoology, viewers follow a trail of clues through a land that no longer exists-the long-lost supercontinent of Pangaea.  Our trail follows […]

Greenlit: World’s Weirdest, Science

World’s Weirdest (8 x 60′) – Dig below the surface of the world we know and love and you’ll find it is often a weird place, with gruesome discoveries, freaky experiments and shocking stories.  In this series, viewers are not only shown the weirdest stuff but will be given the lowdown on exactly why it’s […]

Greenlit: The Experimenters, Science

The Experimenters (6 x 60′) – No longer limited to conventional laboratories, science is taking to the streets, backyards and parks as amateur and professional scientists around the world are conducting extraordinary experiments and posting their exploits on YouTube.  Scientists are now trying to improve on experiments they see posted online, and competing with other […]

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