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Commissioner Moves

In: Tom Porter, Commissioning Editor, News and Current Affairs, Channel 4

Tom Porter has been appointed as News & Current Affairs Commissioning Editor at Channel4. Porter will report to Head of News & Current Affairs Dorothy Byrne; his appointment completes her commissioning team, following the arrival of Daniel Pearl as Dispatches Commissioning Editor.

Porter has overseen 16 Dispatches investigations since 2009 as Executive & Series Producer at Blakeway Productions. These films have spanned a range of subjects and issues from two Dispatches on phone-hacking (Tories, Tabloids and Telephone Hacking and Tabloid’s Dirty Secrets), investigations into Peers’ relationships with Russian oligarchs (Lords, Billionaires and the Russian Connection), the recent Olympics ticketing film (Olympics Tickets for Sale) to a 10-day turnaround film on the media coverage of Israel’s war on Gaza – Jon Snow’s Unseen Gaza. In addition, he has executive produced several films for Channel 4 News and Nobel Media.

Prior to this, Tom was a series producer and self-shooting producer/director, making films for Dispatches with October and Mentorn and Unreported World with Quicksilver Media. Porter has also made films for Sky One, NHK , ITV and BBC One.

Source: Channel 4 press release


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