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Greenlit: The Audience, Channel 4

The Audience w/t (7 x 60′) – This original format explore how ordinary people can be helped to make up their mind and move forward in their life, by a group of people who have never met them, or each other, on a truly extraordinary journey.

In each programme, The Audience will spend a week with a person at a crossroads, whose issue could range from: should I leave my job?, should I start again and move abroad?; to should I kick out my troublesome teen? or should we get married or separate? Unsure what to do, they turn to The Audience for help.

The Audience brings together a group of 50 ordinary men and women, of different ages, backgrounds and experience, who will follow the person or couple wherever they go – seeing them at work, at play and at home, and trying to solve their dilemma. Sometimes The Audience will simply observe, at other times they will ask questions, and together they will delve into people’s personal circumstances and uncover problems to inform a picture of their lives and how to improve it. At the end of the week, they will give their verdict on the path to take.

We all face difficult dilemmas and sometimes have to make a choice that could completely alter our future. For the individuals, the process will be emotional, sometimes difficult and often eye-opening. And for the audience holding this enormous responsibility, the process will see them navigate through the layers of heartache, resistance and personal revelations, as well as the nights out, cramped offices and kitchens of the people they’re trying to help.

We’re finding, during filming, that living with an audience of 50 people for a week is an incredibly intense experience. Although they can sometimes be cruel to be kind, they really do want to help – and we’re seeing lives change for the better as a result.’

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: The Garden

TX: Late 2012

Source: Channel 4 press release


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