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Greenlit: Roadworthy: The Invisible Children Tour, Halogen TV

Roadworthy: The Invisible Children Tour (10 x ) –  The conflict that started in northern Uganda has been called the most neglected humanitarian emergency in the world today. For the past 26 years, the actions of the Lord’s Resistance Army have put nearly two million innocent civilians in harm’s way, including more than 30,000 young girls and boys abducted from their homes and forced into combat as child soldiers. The efforts of the Ugandan People’s Defense Force to protect its citizens from this rebel militia have largely had its challenges, and the result has been that an entire generation of youth has grown up in the midst of fear, despair and death.  Invisible Children, the pioneering, award-winning charity that uses all forms of media to help inspire young people around the world to help end the longest running conflict in Africa, has worked tirelessly to help bring awareness to this plight.

This powerful and unforgettable series encapsulates the emotional journey of the Invisible Children youth volunteers, affectionately known as ‘Roadies,’ as they join forces with Ugandans to share their stories with communities across the country.

Invisible Children’s first trek into television will follow the New England Roadies — four Americans and two Ugandans — as they meet for the first time and trek across the U.S. together. Traveling by van with little money, strange accommodations and long hours, this motley crew toils six days a week for the one thing that drives them and keeps them going — increasing awareness of Joseph Kony and raising support to help end the longest running war in Africa.

The idea for Invisible Children was born in 2003 when three young filmmakers traveled to Uganda in search of a story.  What they discovered changed their lives. They discovered a country that was wracked by continual poverty, HIV, starvation, disease, and other dire conditions. Perhaps most alarming was the fact that Ugandans have watched helplessly for years as tens of thousands of their children were abducted from their homes, forced into slavery, and coerced to engage in armed warfare. Deeply affected by these conditions (and how little the rest of the world knew about this tragedy), the three filmmakers became committed  to do what they could to help reverse these conditions, restore peace to the region, and bring to justice the world’s worst war criminal: Joseph Kony.

At the core of Invisible Children’s new initiative, KONY 2012, dedicated youth volunteers are enlisted to host screenings of conflict-oriented documentaries made by “invisible children” across the U.S., in an effort to raise money and educate people about the plight of these children.

Channel: Halogen TV

Producer: Halogen TV

TX: 15th April 2012

Source: Halogen TV press release


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