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Greenlit: Jewish Mum of the Year, Channel 4

Jewish Mum of the Year (4 x 60′) – Channel 4 has joined forces with The Jewish News for a nationwide search to find the ultimate Jewish mother.

The Jewish community make up just 0.4% of the British population and can truly be described as a ‘minority’ community. Yet the number of successful Jewish people in the UK is remarkable. Some of the country’s biggest names in politics, business, banking and entertainment would describe themselves as members of the UK’s Jewish community – Lord Sugar, Philip Green, and the Milliband brothers are examples from business and public life.

The British Rich List currently has three Jewish entrepreneurs in its top ten. They have very different personalities, very diverse opinions and have had radically different upbringings but have one thing in common – a great Jewish mother.

Across the years, the Jewish mother has come to epitomise what it means to be a mum. Renowned for being brilliant home-makers, incredible cooks and fiercely protective of their children – kids mean everything to Jewish mums. Excessive, overprotective, neurotically anxious and ever present – yet also an emblem of unstinting love and devotion.

This ambitious competitive series follows The Jewish News as it scours every corner of the UK and the Jewish communities of Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Essex and London to find the Jewish Mum of the Year.

The competition will seek out the traditional, the overbearing, the cheek-pinching and the charming. The winner is out there somewhere in the land of the Jewish Princess and the over-pampered Bar Mitzvah boys, and no strudel will be left unturned in his quest to find the perfect Jewish mum. It’s a television show with heart of gold.

This diverse mix of competitive mums will fight it out through a series of gruelling tasks to win the crown, including challenges to test their cooking skills, matchmaking, home-making abilities, event organising and, of course, how well they know their kids.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Princess Productions

TX: Late 2012

Source: Channel 4 press release


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