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Greenlit: Good, Better… Best, DIY Network

Good, Better… Best (13 x 30′)  It’s a dilemma all homeowners face at some point: Who to hire for that next remodeling job and why?  In each episode licensed contractor and host Jeff Devlin takes one project and bids it out to three different contractors.  Each contractor presents his vision for the renovation. Next, the homeowner has to decide who to choose.  Once the contractor is selected, the transformation comes to life.

Good, Better… : Attic Anxiety
Rachel and Gregg Mohrmann need at least one finished space to live in while the rest of their Victorian home is under construction. So they have their eyes set on finishing their huge, 1000 square foot attic. But what is the best design for the space? Traditional? Modern? Or a mix of the two? Licensed Contractor Jeff Devlin helps them make the tough call and then guides them through the renovation process. And since this couple disagrees on everything, getting them to decide what building materials are good, better, and best for them, is no easy task.
Good, Better… : Finally, The Kitchen Is Done
A young New Jersey couple saves their kitchen as the last renovation in their house and now has to pick one of three designs for it. Will they go for the Mixed Mediterranean, the Funky Farmhouse or Classic Cottage design? Licensed Contractor Jeff Devlin helps them make the call and then delivers an incomparable kitchen.
Good, Better… : Busting Out the Best Basement
A growing family is in need of more space for storage and play. Host and licensed contractor Jeff Devlin helps them make the tough call on selecting one of three designs that will transform their unfinished and cluttered basement into a fun room with lots of storage space. But before the transformation is complete, a flood threatens the whole renovation.
Good, Better… : The Best Yard in the Neighborhood
Jason and Beth Thorne love their house but hate their backyard. Their goal is bring the indoors out and transform their backyard into an outdoor living space. But out of three distinct designs, which one will they choose? Host and licensed contractor Jeff Devlin guides them through the renovation process. But will the end result satisfy the needs of both husband and wife?
Good, Better…: Updating an Outdated Kitchen
A young cop and nurse want to update their cramped, outdated kitchen into a family-friendly entertaining space. The couple’s different tastes make it difficult for them to make a decision selecting one of the three designs. She wants a cottage design. He wants industrial. Host and licensed contractor Jeff Devlin referees the decision and then comes through with a kitchen they could have never imagined.
Good, Better… Best: Saving the Sunroom
Scott and Lori Franzke are ready to renovate the sunroom in their 80 year-old home. They want to brighten up the space but can’t decide on the style. Host and licensed contractor Jeff Devlin rolls up his sleeves and helps the couple make the tough choices. The space is transformed from forgotten to unforgettable.
Good, Better… Best: Building the Best Urban Oasis
A pair of city dwellers is looking to transform their tiny yard into the ultimate urban oasis. But before they can get start they need to settle their design differences. Host and licensed contractor Jeff Devlin helps them sort it out and soon their space is transformed into the envy of the neighborhood.
Good, Better… Best: From Galley to Glorious
A young couple has outgrown their kitchen, literally. The kitchen is so small that they both can’t be in it at the same time!  They know they need more space, but can’t decide which room to take over: the formal dining room or the breakfast nook? Host and licensed contractor Jeff Devlin helps the couple towards the road to culinary and spacial bliss.
Good, Better… Best: A Basement for the Whole Family
A couple of empty nesters want to transform their 1980s style basement into the ultimate party zone but can’t figure out how. They have to pick which of three designs is best: the Shabby Chic, Fun Filled Traditional or Asian Inspired. Host and licensed contractor Jeff Devlin guides them through the process and comes through with a basement beyond belief.
Good, Better… Best: Vacation Inspired Master Suite
Host and licensed contractor Jeff Devlin helps a suburban couple transform their master suite into their own “vacation getaway.” Will they opt for the Mountain Lodge look, the Mediterranean feel or Island retreat? Jeff backs his bags—and his tool belt— to transform this bedroom from boring to Bon Voyage!
Good, Better… Best: Biggest Basement Ever
Jeff and Anita got a deal on their house and now have a chunk of change to drop on a massive 2,000 square foot basement renovation. For starters, they want a kitchen, bar, wine cellar, home theatre, playroom and bathroom. Before we fire a single nail, they’ll have to pick one of three beautiful designs. Host and licensed contractor Jeff Devlin is rolling up his sleeves for the biggest basement renovation ever.
Good, Better… Best: Sweet Master Suite
Jenny has a hundred-year-old house and wants to turn an entire floor into a modernized master suite. Which of the three designs will be best for her? French Country Chic, Craftsman Inspired or Serene Contemporary? Host and licensed contractor Jeff Devlin helps her decide and then brings the space into the 21st century
Good, Better… : Ultimate Bachelor Pad
A city loft sounds like a great location for two college buds to relocate. But before they can call the shell “home,” they’ll need to decide on the layout and look for their new crib. Picking one of three awesome designs is putting their friendship to the test. But host and licensed contractor Jeff Devlin gets them on track and delivers one hip bachelor pad.

Channel: DIY Network

TX: 14th March 2012

Source: DIY Network press release


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