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Greenlit: Go Back to Where You Came From, BBC America / TV2 / Keshet Broadcasting

Go Back to Where You Came From – BBC America, TV2 and Keshet Broadcasting have done a format deal with SBS Australia for this show which originally aired in Australia in 2011.

Refugees and asylum seekers are a controversial issue around the globe and Go Back to Where You Came From (4 x 60) followed six Australians who agreed to challenge their preconceived notions about refugees and asylum seekers by retracing their harrowing journeys from their original homelands… in reverse. The Australian series was produced by Cordell Jigsaw productions.

In the Australian series – deprived of all their possessions, the group are thrown into situations real refugees face every day. They board a leaky refugee boat, are rescued mid-ocean, experience immigration raids in Malaysia, live in Kenyan refugee camps and visit slums in Jordan, before ultimately ending-up in war-torn Iraq.

The series ignited passionate debate on online forums around the world with widespread attention throughout the Australian and international media. It trended number one on Twitter worldwide, with over 50,000 Tweets and hundreds of thousands of discussions on Facebook, Google+ and other social networks.

Tuvalu Media, Studio Hamburg DocLights, Snowman Productions and Curious Pictures have all signed on having the option to produce local versions of Go Back in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and South Africa respectively.

Channel: BBC America / TV2 (Denmark) / Keshet Broadcasting (Israel)

Producer: Cordell Jigsaw (Australia)


Source: BBC America press release


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