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Greenlit: Eden’s World, Logo

Eden’s World (8 x 30′) – Get ready to sparkle, baby!  Seven-year-old Eden Wood rocked the child pageant world when she announced she’d be retiring from the competition circuit after six grueling years of dominating her rivals.  Over 300 crowns and a legion of adoring fans were great, but being the natural entertainer that she is, Eden needed more.

Each week, Eden and her mom Mickie Wood will artfully take on overbearing stage moms, terrified tots and unending egos as they mold the pageant superstars of tomorrow by offering up tips and tricks from the best in the business.  Many times, the challenges these girls face extend well beyond the stage.  And never one to shy away from the spotlight herself, the cameras will follow Eden as she sets off to NYC in search of superstardom with the expert help of “The E Team.”  Eden’s mom Mickie, manager Heather, hair and makeup artist Fran and publicist Andrew will stop at nothing to make Eden’s dreams come true.  The group rarely sees eye-to-eye, but they all agree that stage or screen, commercials or modeling contracts, no dream’s too big for this mini-mogul. But it’s not all glitter and spotlights, as making it in NYC proves to be a bit tougher than Eden, or her team anticipate.  And in between all the auditions, catwalks and meetings, she’s still got homework to do…

To learn more about “Eden’s World,” go to LogoTV.com or the “Eden’s World” Facebook page.

Channel: Logo

Producer: Go Go Luckey Entertainment

TX: 16th April 2012

Source: Logo press release


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