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Greenlit: Be Your Own Boss, BBC3

Be Your Own Boss (w/t) – It took the faith and investment of one man to turn Innocent Smoothies founder Richard Reed and his friends’ idea into a multi-million-pound empire. Now he wants to do the same for a new wave of young entrepreneurs, bringing passion, high stakes and opportunity to the cream of young British business talent; and he’s got up to £1 million to invest in the right ideas.

The search is on for groups of friends with killer ideas, hungry for a shot at a life-changing investment.

The series kicks off with an attention-grabbing test of entrepreneurial skill when Richard hands the 500 best applicants some cash to see just how easily they can turn a profit. Disregarding traditional elimination formats, Richard will draw on his own business philosophy to help determine who should have a chance at the kind of big money that turns business dreams into reality.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Twofour


Source: BBC press release


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