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Greenlit: Barter Kings, A&E

Barter Kings (13 x 30′) –  Reality series featuring teams of entrepreneurs pursuing items they want by trading other items that they currently own. Cash is never exchanged and value is subjective, but these barterers know the current market well and they will trade multiple times over to get to the object of their desire.

The series follows the thriving subculture of cashless trading and the dramatic chain of events as entrepreneurs aim to get what they want by trading what they don’t need. These traders have started out with an Elvis album and ended up with a speedboat, started with a boa constrictor and ended up with gold bullion, all by carrying out strings of trades for items of greater inherent value.

The series will feature the best bartering teams in the business as they encounter amazing characters and fascinating items. At the heart of every trade is the art of the deal and it takes a ton of strategy, charisma, and all out manipulation to close. When it comes to bartering, anything can happen, and these guys can’t get enough!

Channel: A&E

Producer: Brownstone Entertainment

TX: 12th June 2012

Source: A&E press release


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