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Greenlit: War Digs with Harry Harris, Discovery UK

War Digs With Harry Harris (6  x 60′)  Five men… one mission… digging up the secrets of the Second World War. These guys are the real deal, real experts and real mates. For years they’ve teamed up in their spare time to recover lost relics of the Second World War. Their speciality is aircraft. They’ve unearthed the remains of countless Spitfires, Hurricanes, German Messerschmitts and Junkers bombers in the UK and mainland Europe. But there’s a whole range of other time-locked wartime remains they’re keen to uncover… not just in the UK but throughout Europe.

Presented by Harry Harris (Wartime Secrets and Wartime London), this special follows the search for the wreckage of two wartime bombers that exploded in a mid-air collision over France, and takes a dramatic twist when it is discovered that a massive bomb may still be buried beneath the crash site.

Channel: Discovery UK

Producer: Mandrill


Source: Discovery press release


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