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Greenlit: TV Smash, ITV1

TV Smash w/t (1 x 120′) – Celebrates the most popular TV moments ever, such as Hilda Ogden leaving the Coronation Street cobbles for the last time and Rodney and Delboy finding a watch which makes them millionaires in Only Fools and Horses.  It features shows that inspired future hits and events which lead to freak ratings figures such as last year’s Royal Wedding, the 1966 World Cup Final and Torvill and Dean’s performance at the 1994 winter Olympics. There are highlights from the most watched programmes on television today and it look backs at all the favourites from the past 60 years before an epic countdown of the most watched programmes of all time.

Channel: ITV1

Producer: RDF Television

TX: Late 2012

Source: ITV press release


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