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Greenlit: Secret Eaters, Channel 4

Secret Eaters (6 x 60′) – A series about the science and psychology of eating. Presented by Anna Richardson, Secret Eaters will scrutinise the eating habits of overweight families by putting them under 24 hour camera surveillance. There will be cameras in their shopping trolley, the local café, their car, fridge, cupboards and sofa. Each household has agreed to have every move and mouthful captured.

These families can’t understand why their diets are out of control- they think they are eating healthily but the cameras will reveal their secret eating habits.

Their diets will then be analysed by two experts – Food Science lecturer Richard Marshall, and Dietician Lynne Garton – who will debunk the food industry’s jargon, and explain how our bodies can fool us in wanting more the kind of foods that aren’t good for us.

Once the families are aware of the true scale of their overeating, they will embark on a 12 week ‘Food Rehab’ regime to help them shift the pounds

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Remarkable Television

TX: April 2012

Source: Channel 4 press release


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