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Greenlit: Dealers, Discovery Channel UK

Dealers (7 x 60′) – This series joins five of the world’s most revered buyers in a secret Aladdin’s cave. Here they meet with members of the public who arrive, one by one, with an item they think might have value or be of special interest to the Dealers. With a huge breadth of knowledge and global connections, however rare, bizarre or expensive the items, the Dealers will offer top prices if they think they can find a way of turning it into profit. They may have different backgrounds in the world of high-stakes buying and selling but the Dealers all have deep pockets and are ready to bid against each other to get their hands on the collectibles.

  • Antiques show CEO and pawn business owner, Scott Diament has been in the business for 18 years. There is no limit to what he can spend.
  • Antiques and vintage collectibles boutique owner and dealer, Gillian Anderson Price has a client base including Kate Moss, Jude Law and the Gallagher brothers. She is particularly interested in fashion, jewellery and movie posters. 
  • Richard Gauntlett is a 20th century collectibles and antique car dealer who is a smooth operator, but despite his impeccable manners, he has an acid wit that will cut down unrealistic sellers.
  • Jenny Patt is a high-end Chinese art and antiquities dealer and consultant who spent just under five years as the Chinese Painting Specialist at Christie’s in Hong Kong.
  • Pawnbroker, Nikolas Robinson, deals with diamonds, jewels, art and antiques. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and can spot a fake from a mile off.

Channel: Discovery Channel UK

TX: 25th March 2012

Source: Discovery Channel press release


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