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Greenlit: Catholics, BBC4

Catholics (3 x 60′) – A documentary series about Catholicism in Britain that gives an insight into some of its most intriguing, important and normally private institutions. The film goes behind the headlines that have come to define the Catholic Church to explore what it is actually like to be Catholic in Britain today.

Each of the three films – one about men, one about women, one about children – is an intimate portrait of a different Catholic world, revealing Catholicism to be a rich but complex identity and observing how this identity shapes people’s lives.

The first film, Priests, filmed over six months with extraordinary access, is an intimate behind-the-scenes portrait of Allen Hall in London, one of only three remaining Roman Catholic seminaries in Britain.

The second film, Children, focuses on a small primary school in rural Lancashire as some of the pupils head towards their first Holy Communion.

The third film, Women, uses its remarkable behind-the-scenes access to Westminster Cathedral, Britain’s biggest Roman Catholic Church, to meet the female staff, volunteers and congregation of the Cathedral to explore what it is like to be a Catholic woman in Britain today.

Channel: BBC 4

Producer: Wingspan Production / Jerusalem Productions


Source: BBC Press Office


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