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Greenlit: Market Wars, PBS

Market Wars w/t (20 x 60′) – A competition series that gives audiences a lesson in the bare-knuckles business of scoring a bargain. Four professional antiques dealers put their reputations on the line in each episode — as they’re pitted against the clock, a budget and each other — and embark on nationwide treasure hunts, scouring flea markets and antiques shops for vintage valuables. The goal: to score the biggest profit in each show’s final auction segment.

We follow the experts on their pursuits, seeing the marvels that different areas of the country can offer the intrepid antiques hunter. The expert who makes the highest total profit at auction in each episode is named the winner, earning bragging rights for toppling his peers.

Channel: PBS

Producer: WGBH Boston

TX: Summer / Fall 2012

Source: PBS press release


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