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Greenlit: Big Body Squad, Channel 5

Big Body Squad (6 x 60′) – Docuseries that follows the men and women tasked with looking after the ever growing needs of our ever expanding nation. Today there are almost a million morbidly obese people in England alone, more than double the number since the year 2000, and by the end of this decade it’s predicted that more than a third of us will be obese.

 We join the supersized ambulance teams, fire crews, equipment specialists, builders and carers across the UK as they service Britain’s ‘Big Society’ and deal with all the associated complications  and risks that come with mobilising an obese nation.
As the number of obese people increases so does the demand not only for equipment such as hoists and lifts, and heavy duty medical equipment; but also the training necessary to ensure bariatric patients are safely transported without injury. With limited budgets, for the NHS and local councils it’s often a case of having to weigh up manpower versus equipment.
During this series we’ll follow the specialist ambulance teams who take to the road in their £90,000 adapted ambulances designed to transport plus size people, meet the crews and their patients, and learn about life on both sides of the stretcher.
The show explores what it’s like to be so large you can’t tackle even the simplest of life tasks alone, and follows those responsible for some of the more awkward and sensitive jobs – such as bed bathing a person who weighs 50 or 60 stone. Jobs like these need to be carried out every day; it’s a lifeline service and not just physically; the programme also meets the carers who can be a supersize person’s only link with the outside world.
Channel: Channel 5

Producer: IWC Media / GroupM Entertainment

TX: February 2012

Source: Channel 5 press release


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