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Greenlit: When Paddy Met Sally, Channel 5

When Paddy Met Sally (2 x 60′) – Fact ent mini-series that explores the very different lives of Sally Bercow and Paddy Doherty and what happens when their two worlds collide.  As wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sally is used to being in the public eye, whilst Irish Traveller Paddy is notoriously private. But now, having been thrown together on Celebrity Big Brother, they will once again live alongside each other.

The series will see Sally move in with Paddy for two weeks to experience every aspect of a traveller’s life. With Paddy in charge the first week, Sally will have to fully immerse herself into his customs and traditions.  For Sally, the experience will be a true culture shock as it will be her job to take on the domestic duties at the chalet as well as living in the midst of Paddy’s big family of children and grandchildren. Just how will Sally cope with the challenges of being a traveller’s wife?

By the second week, the tables will turn as Sally takes control and gets to dictate the rules. As head of the house, Sally will be able to make some serious changes. From instituting a cleaning Rota, to forcing Paddy to cook dinner for the family, how will Paddy be able to adapt to life on the site with a woman in charge?

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Initial


Source: Channel 5 Press Office


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