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Greenlit: NRA’s Guns and Gold, Sportsman Channel

NRA’s Guns and Gold  – Reveals the fascinating and entertaining true stories of treasured firearms in an Antiques Road Show style format. Experience the excitement – or disappointment – as collectors learn the real value of their possessions – including a $100,000 Winchester. This new series features everyday people who discover their old firearm is worth much more than they imagined – and where others will learn it has only sentimental value. Each episode will send viewers scrambling to their safes, closets and basements to find their own hidden treasures. Some of the guns featured in the show have been passed down for generations and include a story as interesting as the gun itself. Viewers learn what makes an old gun valuable and what they should and should not do to preserve its value. A special gold segment will feature an expert from Universal Coin & Bullion who will examine the special features of those old coins you may have laying around and what contributes to their worth beyond their mere melt value.

Channel: Sportsman Channel

TX:  January 2012

Source: Sportsman Channel


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