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Greenlit: Benidorm ER, Channel 5

Benidorm ER (6 x 60′) – An ob doc series based in Clinica Benidorm, one of Spain’s top hospitals, where unfortunate Brits head when they end up in Costa Casualty. We find out what happens next when Brits who are on holiday and end up sick or injured, forced to swap the sun-bed for a hospital bed.

We follow the medical teams as they cope with the unpredictable dramas thrown at them by the British tourists – from children to pensioners, from stag & hen revelers to ex-pats rushed to A&E following falls by the poolside, drink-induced accidents, allergic reactions and a myriad of other life threatening emergencies.

Surprisingly, the busiest time of year at the Clinica Benidorm is the winter. From October onwards, Brits flock there in huge numbers, pensioners and party-animals, all desperate to dodge the cold at home. The older tourists in search of winter sun really live it up, however many over-do it and end up suffering heart attacks, respiratory episodes, strokes, kidney failure and even brain hemorrhages. Add to that the huge numbers of stag and hen trippers who head for Benidorm, then it’s easy to see why the hospital needs a team of British translators on hand each day.

As well as being a first port of call in an emergency, the Clinica Benidorm also offers the kind of treatment and technology not available elsewhere in the area, so British patients from across the Costas head here for chemo, cardiac surgery, kidney dialysis, radiology, MRI Scanning, as well as vascular surgery and even neurosurgery. Most of the medical staff and paramedics speak English. Some are English.

Benidorm ER will follow the patients and their families, the doctors, nurses, receptionists and translators who make up the hospital’s 280 staff:

•    Dr Antonio Blasco – Cool and yet chaotic. A top orthopedic surgeon, who is always rushing around. Funny, with endless facial expressions, he is happiest at the end of shift when he can don his leathers & saddle up his Harley Davidson
•    Maureen Santana – The calm in the eye of the hurricane. The British receptionist who married a Spaniard and has worked at the hospital for 23 years. Maureen is the first port of call in the hospital. Maureen deals with up to a thousand calls a day from her little booth in reception. She always has an amusing anecdote. She does Pilates, but calls it Pilots!
•    Dr Patrick Welter – He’s German, very busy, very talented & very tall. He speaks perfect English and when he’s not at the heart of life and death situations in A&E, he can be found chatting up the receptionist in oncology, who is actually his wife!
•    Dr Carmen Ruiz – runs A&E with Patrick. Delightful woman with a re-assuring bedside manner for the patients who find themselves injured and miles from home.  She also speaks good English.
•    Dr Jeremy Braat – charismatic, young Dutch heart consultant, with a ready wit, delivered in perfect English. Trained in the USA, he’s got a laid-back style which disarms everyone who meets him.
•    Celine Hertogh – Dr Braat’s beautiful young assistant and the ring-leader when it comes to organizing staff social evenings. Together they form a formidable Dutch double act, always joking but deeply professional.

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Blakeway North


Source: Channel 5 Press Office


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