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Greenlit: Show Me What You are Made Of, CBBC

Show Me What You Are Made Of (5 x  ) – Five children from the UK travel across the world to find out how the everyday items they take for granted are made. The programme, presented by Stacey Dooley, follows the kids as they travel to Indonesia and the Philippines to work in the factories that make their much-loved gadgets, toys and clothes.

Te kids report to genuine bosses, sleep in the homes of real workers and see the reality of life for the people who actually make their favourite things.

The children stuff soft toys in an Indonesia factory, join a vast clothing production line, try their hand at intricate jewellery making, and experience the extraordinarily controlled working conditions of a high-tech electronics factory, which makes tiny components for some of the electrical goods that British kids enjoy.

After their working day is finished the kids return home and stay with the workers, and find the poverty outside the factory gates is a real shock. But will their experience make them think twice about the things they take for granted?

Channel: CBBC

Producer: Watershed TV

TX: Late 2011 / Early 2012

Source: BBC Press Office


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