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Greenlit: London: The Inside Story, Channel 5

London: The Inside Story (6 x 60’0 – Ob doc series with exclusive front-line access to Westminster Council, the organization responsible for running Britain’s most exciting borough. In this action packed, fast-moving series, we’ll see the people and unique jobs that keep the capital running 24/7.From riots to Royal weddings, Soho sex shops to Hollywood film premieres, pest control to planning for the Olympics, Westminster is the capital’s beating heart. There are more restaurants, bars, businesses and film premieres than any other area in the UK. But Westminster also has one of the highest crime rates, biggest overcrowding problems and more homeless people than anywhere else in the country.

Cameras will follow all the action from the events team preparing for the Notting Hill Carnival to the trading standards team raiding rogue traders and the Food Standards Agency, who police the thousands of restaurants that populate the area.

There’s also exclusive access to some of the more poignant roles that the council takes on, such as worker Kerry Cosgrove, the council’s Funerals Officer, whose job it is to organise funerals and house clearances for the hundreds of unidentified people who die in Westminster each year.

For the workers who serve on the frontline of this extraordinary borough, the job is hugely diverse and highly challenging. It’s an area of staggering contrasts; the second wealthiest borough but with one of the highest crime rates; a vast space that ranks as the third worst area for overcrowding. And yet Westminster Council workers must find ways to meet the needs of its diverse population, keep order and provide vital service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Channel: Channel 5

Producer: Popkorn TV Ltd


Source: Channel 5


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