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Greenlit: Guy Martin: Building Britain, Channel 4

Guy Martin: Building Britain w/t (6 x 60′) – Guy Martin, lorry mechanic and British motorcycle racer, helps a team of volunteers restore an iconic machine or building from Britain’s industrial past, and through each structure he tells the story of a landmark in making the Britain we recognise today: the railways, the factories, the docks, the mines, the garden and the holiday.

Each episode focuses on the jobs and skills of the Industrial Revolution’s unsung heroes, rather than the familiar famous names – so the ordinary men, women and children who executed the engineers’ ideas.

In the first episode, Guy help restore the most important icon of the Industrial Revolution and the machine that turned Britain into the first industrialised nation in the world – a steam locomotive. His lorry mechanic skills come in extremely useful as Guy has to work inside the very guts of the machine, but he also has to learn a new set of trades, from Victorian blacksmithing to experiencing the harsh manual labour of the notorious navvies, the people who actually built the railways. And Guy being Guy, once his 130 tonne loco is taken for its inaugural run, he can’t resist using its furnace to cook the traditional 19th century train driver’s meal – a bacon and egg sandwich, served on a coal shovel.

The series also sees Guy renovating a Yorkshire saw mill powered by the world’s oldest surviving water turbine; overhauling one of the famous Brixham fishing trawlers which were then the fastest in the world; design his own giant fountain and rockery at the Birmingham Botanical Garden; help rebuild a steam pumping engine at a preserved drift mine which is today as protected as Blenheim Palace; and be lowered on a rope towards the crashing waves underneath Llandudno Pier so he can help preserve the most important attraction at this purpose-built Victorian holiday resort.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: North One Television

TX: 2012

Source: Channel 4 Press Office


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