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Greenlit: Biggest and Baddest, Velocity / Animal Planet Canada

Biggest & Baddest (6 x 60′) – Explorer/wildlife biologist Niall McCann (Lost in the Amazon) goes after the largest, fiercest animals wherever they’re found in the world.  Niall follows up on reported sightings/capturing of legendary creatures: abnormally huge or dangerous animals- often in conflict with humans.  Climbing up mountain peaks, crossing jungle rivers, trekking across Arctic ice floes, and desert dunes… Niall looks danger in the face and goes beyond the legends:  following up on the local sightings and getting as close as any human dare go.   Niall’s fearless approach is borne from years of expedition and fieldwork in many of these locations.

Channel: Velcocity / Animal Planet Canada

Producer: Wild Planet Productions


Source: TeleGraff Media


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