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Greenlit: Apocalipsis Maya, Discovery en Espagnol

Apocalipsis Maya (3 x 60′) – As 2012 approaches there is a wave of speculation concerning catastrophic events associated with ancient Mayan prophesies. But what did the ancient Mayans really foresee at the end of their Long Count Calendar, ending on December 21, 2012? This series takes viewers deep into the heart of this extraordinary phenomenon to explore different beliefs associated with the end of times.

Narrated by Mexican actress Diana Bracho, this original production takes viewers into the very recesses of Mayan culture, featuring interviews with contemporary Mayan priests and pre-eminent archeologists that aim to uncover what the Mayas truly believed. Magnificent Mayan sites like Palenque, Chichen Itza and Tikal, are at the epicenter of this production that explores the Mayan calendar, the most extensive and complex ever conceived by mankind and the source behind much of the fear, hysteria and speculation.

The series takes viewers into small communities in the U.S., where bunker-engineers and ark builders are preparing and their businesses are booming on fears of a possible 2012 catastrophe. These include one enterprising individual who is constructing 2012 condominium bunkers for the end of times in old missile silos in Kansas. It  also features the opinions of New-Agers who believe 2012 is not something to be feared, but desired. To them, the year 2012 is nothing more than the resetting of a clock that will lead not to a catastrophe, but to a welcomed shift in human consciousness.

Channel: Discovery en Espanol

Producer:  Discovery en Espanol / Shinning Red Productions

TX: 4th December 2011

Source: Discovery en Espanol press release


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