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Greenlit: Rebuilding Japan, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

Rebuilding Japan (6 x 60′) – A season of documentaries that focus on the efforts to rebuild Japan after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March 2011:

  • Seaweed Battles: Restoring a 1000-Year-Old Tradition (Studio Alta); 
  • Photos from the Sea: Returning Memories to Tohoku (TimeRiver Pictures); 
  • Reviving Japan’s Spirit: Record of the Tsunami Vintage (CTV);
  • Creating Utopia: One Mayor’s Ultimate Challenge (Ortus); 
  • K-Car Heroes: Racing to Rebuild (CTS);
  • Getting Trains Back on Track (AX-ON).

Channel: Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

Producer:  Various (as above)

TX: March 2012

Source: Realscreen


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