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Greenlit: The Unknown Country, BBC2

The Unknown Country – Most people know Afghanistan as a country forever at war. But for centuries, it’s been a destination for explorers and adventurers. What makes this land so fraught, and yet so fascinating? Lyse Doucet takes a trip across the Afghanistan that doesn’t feature on the news – a country of stunning natural beauty and a proud, independent people. It’s a journey to meet Afghan poets and politicians, wrestlers and warlords. In the north, a Mujahadeen turned Governor dreams of building a glittering Afghan Dubai. In the southern city of Kandahar, bodybuilders dream of being the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Lyse unlocks a nation she’s known for 25 years, exploring the culture, heritage and values of an extraordinary people.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC Productions

TX: Summer / Autumn 2011

Source: BBC


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