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Greenlit: Digging for Britain, BBC2

Digging For Britain –  Dr Alice Roberts joins this year’s most exciting excavations and goes behind the scenes to find out how archaeologists use their discoveries to unlock the past.

Alice’s journey takes her from digs to laboratories, where she meets the experts restoring ancient treasures, piecing together evidence from skeletons and using cutting-edge science to interpret mysterious artefacts.

Stories featured in the series include: Hadrian’s Wall, where new discoveries show the Romans never left – in fact, many stayed on to become the British warriors of the Dark Ages; the excavation of the citadel of a Viking chief in Scotland; the Bronze Age bones that are revealing incredible secrets about our ancestors’ beliefs; and the Channel Island dig that allows Alice to walk in the footsteps of the Neanderthals

Channel: BBC2

Producer: 360 Productions

TX: Summer / Autumn 2011

Source: BBC


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