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Greenlit: Baka – Voices From the Forest, BBC2

Baka – Voices From The Forest – After 25 years, BAFTA-winning film-maker Phil Agland returns to Cameroun to search for the Baka pygmy family that starred in his acclaimed documentary Baka – People Of The Rain Forest.

For the last quarter of a century the family have been largely unaware of the momentous changes that have happened in the world beyond their forest. One generation later, Agland finds that pressures beyond their forest world are irrevocably changing the way of life of the Baka. He witnesses the testing of the Baka’s limits and the human dramas of everyday life that draw viewers once again into their extraordinary world as their sparkling sense of humour and unique charm continue to shine through in this compelling documentary.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: River Films

TX: Summer / Autumn 2011

Source: BBC


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