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Greenlit: A South American Journey With Jonathan Dimbleby, BBC2

A South American Journey With Jonathan Dimbleby – Following his journeys through Russia and Africa, Jonathan Dimbleby travels to South America to report on dramatic changes in one of the world’s least understood continents. Starting in Chile and heading up through Bolivia and Colombia to Venezuela and Brazil, Dimbleby investigates the economic miracle that is bringing South America out of the shadow of the United States.

It is 30 years since his last visit to the continent and the differences are striking. A thriving democracy in Chile that has put the Pinochet era behind it; Colombia blossoming as it struggles to win the war against drugs and terror; Venezuela experiencing socialism Chavez-style; and Brazil destined to become a new economic superpower in the next decade.

From the Andes to the Amazon, in thriving cities, on the slopes of dramatic mountains and in the deepest jungles, Dimbleby embarks on a stimulating journey, meeting the people who are building the new South America and examining what the impact of this change will have on each country – and the world at large.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Fresh One

TX: Summer / Autumn 2011

Source: BBC


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