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Health Books for Kids

Medikidz has produced a series of comic books that explain serious illnesses such as breast cancer, HIV, depression and autism to children.  With clearly defined facts, irreverent humor, and a comics format, the titles in the Superheroes on a Medical Mission series offer accessible, entertaining introductions to health topics from sleep issues to HIV. Every volume stars a multicultural Super Friends-like team of crusaders, each of whom introduces a different area of anatomy.

Formatted in comic-style panels, the digitally generated images and dialogue-bubble text take a young person through a fantasy adventure, in which the team leads an interior body tour to learn about a particular health topic, including causes, treatments, and cures.

Each title uses the format’s possibilities for wordless communication to great effect. In Medikidz Explain Depression, a series of panels presents common causes of depression, from arguing parents to bullying, creating a direct, visual shorthand.

Medikidz Explain HIV uses cartoon illustrations to clarify such topics as the varieties of white blood cells, while the reassuring text covers protection, including using a condom “when the time comes” to have sex.

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