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Greenlit: Tony Robinson’s Superstitions, Channel 4

Tony Robinson’s Superstitions w/t (5 x 60′) –  The prevalence of superstitions is an aspect of our past often overlooked by historians, but was in fact often influential in shaping our history. Tony Robinson delves back through 2000 years of British history, from the Iron Age to the beginning of the Twentieth Century to investigate the beliefs of our ancestors. He reveals the extraordinary things that seem perfectly rational to them at the time; and he seeks to understand why they believed them; as well as exploring the impact of those beliefs on the course of history.

Tony’s investigation focuses on a recognition that many of the beliefs persist today – and not always outside the mainstream. As well as interviewing experts and seeking clues from the historical records, he dons costume, experiments, takes part in demonstrations, and shares his thoughts in pieces to camera.

Each programme looks at one category of belief or superstition of particular importance to our ancestors. In the course of each episode, Tony sets out to answer a fundamental question about the nature of the belief.

Channel: Channel 4 / National Geographic

Producer: Wildfire TV

TX: Autumn 2011

Source: Channel 4


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