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Greenlit: Inside Job, BBC2

Inside Job – This Academy Award winning documentary tells a compelling tale of a corrupt economic system that saw the world in near financial collapse in 2008 when hit by the worst recession since the Great Depression.  Narrated by Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting) and directed by Charles H Ferguson (No End In Sight) the film features extensive research and probing interviews with major financial insiders, academics and politicians in a bid to find out what, and most importantly who, helped to create the financial meltdown.

The film traces the systematic failures and internal corruption in which millions of ordinary people lost their jobs, homes and savings – yet, even today, no one has been prosecuted for their role in the financial meltdown.  Travelling between the US, Iceland, Britain, France, Singapore and China a chilling culture of greed and secrecy emerges, but have enough lessons been learnt to prevent history repeating itself?

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Charles Ferguson

TX: Summer/Autumn 2011

Source: BBC


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