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Greenlit: How God Made the English, BBC2

How God Made The English (3 x 60′) – Professor Diarmaid MacCulloch explores how English identity has slowly been shaped by the interplay of Church and State over the last 1,400 years.

“Who are the English?” is a topical question, discussed time and time again by columnists, presenters, journalists, novelists, poets and every single Prime Minister in the last two decades. The conventional wisdom is that there is a neat, static and ageless set of characteristics that define the English.

Throughout the series, Professor MacCulloch will explore this notion of a timeless “Englishness” and will argue that, in fact, English identity has changed over time, and that these changes are a result, not of the usual suspects of politics, wars and economics, but a product of religion – in particular Christianity and the Church.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: BBC Vision

TX: Late 2011

Source: BBC


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