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Greenlit: Blonde vs Bear, Animal Planet Canada

Blonde vs Bear (3 x ) – Docuseries following Ann Bryant, a conservationist who looks after bears on the shores of Lake Tahoe in California. Channel: Animal Planet Canada Producer: Firecracker Films TX: 18th July 2011 Source: C21

Shopping for Men

French dating site DealduJour puts a new twist on online shopping – you can bid for men. For one day only a man will appear in a video and interested women are given a limited amount of time to express their interest. Read more on PSFK

Greenlit: D’Auschwitz, France Télévisions

D’Auschwitz (1 x 80′) – Documentary that tells the stories of an SS officer and a Jewish girl using their personal photographs. Channel: France Télévisions Producer: Flach Film TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Obama 2012, France Télévisions

Obama 2012 (2 x  ) – Documentary that looks at the first four years of Barack Obama’s US presidency. Channel: France Télévisions TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Le Mythe de la Sirène, France Télévisions

Le Mythe de la Sirène – Documentary that reveals how acclaimed director François Truffaut’s made his classic Mississippi Mermaid in 1969. Channel: France Télévisions TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Apocalypse Hitler, France 2

Apocalypse Hitler (2 x 52′) – Archive-based documentary that adds colour to black and white footage as it tells the story of the rise of Hitler from 1890 – 1935. Channel: France 2 Producer: CC&C  (Paris) TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Drug Kingpin Hippos, Animal Planet

Drug Kingpin Hippos (1 x 60′) – Documentary special about the late Pablo Escobar (Colombian drug baron) and his menagerie of 700+ animals including an escaped hippo. Channel: Animal Planet Producer: Explora Films TX: 19th July 2011 Source: Realscreen

In: Karsten Bartholin, Head of Development, Blu

Karsten Bartholin has been appointed as Head of Development at Blu in Denmark (from 1st August 2011). Source: C21

Greenlit: Lunch with Gino & Mel, ITV1

Lunch with Gino & Mel (20 x 60′) – Daily cooking and conversation series hosted by Melanie Sykes and chef Gino D’Acampo aided by celebrity guests. Channel: ITV1 Daytime Producer: ITV Studios TX: August 2011 Source: C21

Greenlit: Little England, ITV1

Little England w/t (12 x 30′) – Docuseries following British expatriates who live in an area of the South of France that has been overrun by Brits. Channel: ITV1 Producer: Shiver Productions TX: Later 2011 Source: C21

Greenlit: The Corrie Years, ITV1

The Corrie Years (3 x 30′) – Docuseries that looks at some of the most controversial story lines on veteran UK soap Coronation Street, including a previously transmitted scene from the 1960s that depicts a suicide attempt. Channel: ITV1 Producer: Shiver Productions TX: Summer Source: C21

In: Sally Evans, Executive Producer and Head of Development, ITV Factual (North) / Shiver

Sally Evans has been appointed as Executive Producer and Head of Development at ITV Studios Factual (North) and Shiver, in Manchester. Source: Realscreen

Up: Emma Swain, Controller of Knowledge Commissioning, BBC

Emma Swain has today been confirmed as the BBC’s new Controller of Knowledge Commissioning, responsible for devising and leading the Knowledge strategy across the breadth of factual programming, including arts, music, history, natural history, business, science, religion, consumer journalism and contemporary factual. Emma has been the acting Controller of Knowledge Commissioning since February 2011. For […]

In: Liz Levenson, Manager of Development and Acquisitions, Rive Gauche Television

Liz Levenson has been appointed as Manager of Development & Acquisitions at Rive Gauche Television. She will coordinate the development, acquisition and marketing activities at the company, focusing on the development of new formats, marketing materials and overseeing current productions. Prior to joining Rive Gauche, Levenson was working as a freelancer. Source: Rive Gauche Television […]

In: Beth Belew, VP Development and Acquisitions, Rive Gauche Television

Beth Belew has been appointed as Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at Rive Gauche Television in Los Angeles. As Vice President, Belew is charged with developing original programming for the US market, formats for the global market and forging co-production partnerships. Prior to joining Rive Gauche, Belew served as producer for numerous high profile […]

Greenlit: Towns With Nicholas Crane, BBC2

Towns With Nicholas Crane – We live in one of the most urbanised countries on Earth. By 2030 a staggering 92 per cent of us will be living in urban centres. For most people, that conjures up the bright lights and big opportunities of our great cities. But there is another way to live the […]

Greenlit: Your Money and How They Spend It, BBC2

Your Money And How They Spend It – In this year of spending cuts, the BBC’s Political Editor Nick Robinson examines in this two-part series how our politicians raise money and why they spend it in the way they do. He asks who gets the most from government and who gets the least, and he […]

Hackney Hear

Hackney Hear is a GPS-enabled app for the iPhone an Android that will allow visitors to the 2012 London Olympics explore the boroughs around the stadium. As you walk, your location will trigger interviews with famous people from the area, such as Lord Alan Sugar or writer Iain Sinclair. The app will be free and […]

Greenlit: Damned if They Do, BBC2

Damned If They Do – Follows on from the 2004 documentary Someone To Watch Over Me, which revealed the pressures on the system responsible for safeguarding vulnerable children in inner-city Bristol. The series explores the problems that exist in society that lead to the neglect and abuse of children, most often by their own families. […]

Greenlit: Reverse Missionary, BBC2

Reverse Missionary (3 x 60′) – Reverse Missionary follows three young Christian missionaries from Malawi, India and Jamaica as they travel to different parts of Britain. Reversing the paths taken by three 19th-century British missionaries who exported Christianity around the world, they arrive in 21st-century Britain to discover the historical roots of their faith and […]

Bootleg Toys Gone Wrong

You’ve got to admire the cheek of some bootleggers, but not all are as clever as they think they are. Cracked has found some corkers, such as: RobertCop SpaderMan Polystation See more here.

Greenlit: Twincredibles, BBC2

Twincredibles (1x 60′) –  There’s only a one in a million chance that black and white parents will have twins of different skin colour, but with the number of interracial relationships increasing, so too are the number of cases. The film captures the effects this genetic phenomenon has had on the personal and professional lives […]

Greenlit: Mixed Race, BBC2

Mixed Race (1 x 60′) – This documentary explores the historical and contemporary social, sexual and political attitudes to race mixing. From the strict application of “anti-miscegenation” laws in the USA and South Africa to the emergence of Mestizo cultures in the colonies of South America, the programme examines the complex history of interracial relationships […]

Mills & Boon covers inspire self-portrait project

Artist Alex Holder recreated a range of classic romance covers in photographs for International Women’s Day

Greenlit: How We Made Our Millions, BBC2

How We Made Our Millions – Peter Jones, one of Britain’s most successful and well-known entrepreneurs, gives viewers an access-all-areas VIP pass into the glossy and fascinating world of high-end business. He provides a unique insight into the minds of two of the UK’s most prominent and inspiring business people, each of whom is a […]

Greenlit: Danger: Diggers at Work, Channel 5

Danger: Diggers at Work (6 x 60′) – Docuseries following the excavation work of big diggers such as that carried out at the Olympic site in east London. Channel: Channel 5 (financed by Barclays Corporate) Producer: Transparent Television TX: July 2011 Source: Broadcast

Compulsory Fun at Work

Once, on the worst production I have ever worked on, the series producer spent an inordinate amount of energy organizing team drinks so that we could all have “fun”, whilst we struggled to get the actual work done. And there was no way of getting out of it: if you couldn’t make it, she merely […]

Greenlit: The Life of Muhammad, BBC2

The Life of Muhammad (3 x 60′) –  In a journey that is both literal and historical, Rageh Omaar travels to the place of Muhammad’s birth to re-trace the actual footsteps of the Prophet; from humble beginnings in Mecca, to his struggles with accepting his Prophetic role, his flight to Medina, to the founding of […]

Out: Mike Duffy, EVP and Head of Development, Zodiak USA

Mike Duffy has left his position of EVP and Head of Development at Zodiak USA in Los Angeles, to take up a new position at Electus. Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: National Treasures Live, BBC1

National Treasures Live (5 x 30′) – Britain’s fascinating history is all around us. Up and down the country there are amazing places to visit and incredible ways to uncover the stories of our shared past. Now historian Dan Snow and BBC presenter Sian Williams are to bring this history to life – live to […]

Greenlit: Saira Khan Adopts Abroad, BBC2

Saira Khan Adopts Abroad (2 x 60′) –  Two documentaries follow Saira Khan and her husband Steve on their journey to adopt a baby girl from an orphanage in Karachi, Pakistan. They have chosen one of the most dangerous countries in the world and will know nothing about the baby they hope to be given. […]

Greenlit: All Roads Lead Home, BBC2

All Roads Lead Home (3 x 60′) – This series challenges Stephen Mangan, Sue Perkins and Alison Steadman to learn the art of natural navigation while travelling through some of the UK’s most stunning landscapes. Without the help of maps or satnavs, the intrepid trio must rely on the elements, including the sun, moon, stars, […]

Greenlit: When Bankers Were Good, BBC2

When Bankers Were Good (1 x 60′) –  Following the success of Ian Hislop’s series The Age Of The Do-Gooders, he returns with a new film exploring attitudes to money and morality in the 19th century. Coming at a time when the reputation of bankers could perhaps hardly be lower, Hislop’s thought-provoking film looks back […]

Greenlit: Money, BBC2

Money (3 x 60′) – With the furore over MPs’ expenses and bankers’ bonuses and with the recession and the economic cuts, people have been forced to think about what they privately feel and believe about money. This series of three films follows people who dedicate their lives to getting rich, examines how people choose […]

Greenlit: Inside Job, BBC2

Inside Job – This Academy Award winning documentary tells a compelling tale of a corrupt economic system that saw the world in near financial collapse in 2008 when hit by the worst recession since the Great Depression.  Narrated by Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting) and directed by Charles H Ferguson (No End In Sight) the […]

Greenlit: The Party’s Over – How the West Lost the War of Globalisation, BBC2

The Party’s Over – How The West Lost The War Of Globalisation (2 x 60′) – BBC Business Editor Robert Peston makes sense of the past 30 years of the global economy and predicts current government cuts are just the start of an era of austerity caused by the seismic rebalancing of the world economy […]

In: Amelia Hanibelsz, VP Development, Parthenon Entertainment NYC

Amelia Hanibelsz has been appointed as development executive at Parthenon Entertainment, based in New York City. Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: The Pick, The Pawn and the Polish, History

The Pick, the Pawn and the Polish (1 x 120′)  – Crossover special that tells one story that pivots around stars from three different shows. In the first, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fitz (American Pickers) scour the country to find a classic ’57 Chevrolet for Rick Harrison (Pawn Stars). The care is then taken to […]

Crowdsourced Murder Hunt

The FBI were stumped for ideas after finding the body of a man in field in Missouri in 1999. The only clue to his death was contained in two notes found in the pocket of his trousers. Trouble was the notes were written in code. Baffled the police released the notes and asked people to […]

Greenlit: Sweet Home Alabama, CMT

Sweet Home Alabama (8 x 60′) -Reality series following southern belle Devin Grissom as she chooses a partner from a group of twenty potential suitors – half from the country and half from the city. Channel: CMT Producer: Glassman Media TX: 14th July 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Claire Richards: Slave to Food, Sky Living

Claire Richards: Slave to Food (3 x 60′) – Ex-Steps pop group member Claire Richards features in this series that sees her trying to stick to a diet for 12 month as she attempts to overcome her food compulsion. Channel: Sky Living Producer: Spun Gold TV TX: TBC Source: Broadcast


Swedish retailer Papercut has added a sense of urgency to online shopping. Go to their site and you will be presented with a bargain offer, but you only have 4 seconds to decided that you want it and click to secure, before a new item appears to increasingly frantic circus clown music. Try it here. […]

Greenlit: Born Male, Living Female, Style

Born Male, Living Female (1 x 60′) – Documentary following male-to-female transgender people – including an escort, a fashion executive, a musician and a model – trying to make it in New York City. Channel: Style Network TX: 16th July Source: The Futon Critic

Reimagining the World’s Populations

Someone has assessed the populations of all the countries in the world and reorganized the map to put the countries with the largest populations in the countries that have the largest land mass. The USA, Brazil, Yemen and Ireland all stay where they are but everyone else moves around. Pakistan moves to Australia and Canada […]

Most Innovative Countries

Judged on the number of product patents filed in relation to research and development spend, Korea is the most innovative nation, with Japan, China and Russia not far behind. See where you fit on this map.

Greenlit: One Man Army, Discovery

One Man Army – Reality competition series hosted by former Green Beret Mykel Hawke, in which people compete in one-0n-one combat in contests of intelligence, strength and speed in the hope of winning $10K. Channel: Discovery Producer: Renegade 83 TX: 13th July 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Baring it All, Style

Baring It All (1 x 60)- Documentary following NYC-based photographer David Jay as he photographs four young women who are all baring all for ‘The Scar Project’, which profiles women who are at different stages of treatment for breast cancer. Channel: Style Network TX: 9th July Source: The Futon Critic

Cat Cafes and Dog Yoga

Japanese pets are some of the most pampered on earth (second only to the USA), with yoga, tap-dancing and aromatherapy for dogs and acupuncture and cafes for cats. The Japanese pet industry rakes in more than a trillion yen a year. Read more on PSFK

Greenlit: It’s Worth What? NBC

It’s Worth What? Game show hosted by  Cedric the Entertainer in which people have to complete a number of challenges in order to find out the worth of household goods and ornaments retrieved from garages and attic storage across the USA. The winner pockets a $1m prize. Channel: NBC Producer: Merv Griffin Entertainment TX: 12th […]

Greenlit: Alastair Sooke’s Top Ten Most Valuable Paintings In The World, BBC1

Alastair Sooke’s Top Ten Most Valuable Paintings In The World w/t  – Art critic and journalist Alastair Sooke explores the remarkable stories behind the 10 most expensive paintings to have been sold at auction. What makes someone pay as much as $100m for a painting? Who is prepared to pay that much? Can an artwork […]

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