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Top of The Pops LPs

BBC4 has started showing vintage episodes of Top of the Pops, which used to be required viewing in TVMole’s house (along with Coronation Street, Multicoloured Swapshop, The Krypton Factor, It’s a Knockout and The Great Egg Race). However, a recent overheard twitter conversation evoked an erstwhile forgotten memory: getting on the bus from Grandma’s to buy Top of the Pops albums in Woolworths. These LPs (Pickwick 1968 – 1985) weren’t recordings of the TV show as one might expect, no. They were cover versions, with album covers featuring scantily clad girls in poses that wouldn’t have been out of place on Page 3 of The Sun. The cover singers were uncredited but according to Wikipedia Elton John was one of the performers before he became famous.







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