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Greenlit: The Food Hospital, Channel 4

The Food Hospital (8 x 60′) –  A cross-platform, specialist factual commission examining the science behind using food as medicine. In experiments conducted with strict scientific rigour, patients suffering from a range of medical conditions and symptoms will be invited to attend The Food Hospital where they will be prescribed specific diets to find out if their health problems can be alleviated or cured by the food they eat.

At the hospital, patients will have detailed consultations with a GP, a specialist consultant related to their condition, and a leading NHS dietician before they are assigned particular foods, with advice about how to integrate them into their diets. The series will follow the patients as they undertake their new dietary regime and attend follow-up appointments at the hospital where their progress will be monitored.

Online, The Food Hospital will seek to put science to the test nationwide. As a fully integrated cross-platform project, viewers will be invited to take part in a scientific study into how changes in diet can improve, if not cure, illnesses and ailments.

Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Betty

TX: Autumn 2011

Source: Channel 4


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