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Greenlit: Britain You’re Welcome to It, BBC3

Britain You’re Welcome to It w/t – Every month, thousands of Eastern Europeans start a new life in the UK. Since 2004, 1.5 million have arrived, and there are now more foreign workers in the country than ever before. But is their new home quite what they expected? This documentary  joins a unique bus tour, accompanying newly arrived immigrants on sightseeing trips organised to help them learn about Britain – and their place in it.

We’ll follow a group of Eastern Europeans as they arrive in the UK, from the moment they step off the plane to their experiences on the day trips – candidly revealing their first impressions of Britain and its people.

We’ll see the country through their eyes, exposing the difficulties and challenges they face in their first month, and the realities of life as a newcomer to Britain.

Channel: BBC3

Producer: BBC Current Affairs

TX: BBC Press Office



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