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Greenlit: Behind Mansion Walls, Investigation Discovery

Behind Mansion Walls (13 x 60′) – Documentary series that shares the stories of crime and investigation that unfold behind the veil of wealth, where secret affairs, hidden accounts and false identities are just the tip of the iceberg.  As the long time respected chronicler of high society and its duplicitous affairs, host Christopher Mason relies on his unique vantage point and vast experience to help reveal the secret realities lurking within these mansions. He investigates stories of murder and mystery on a grand scale, where the victims and suspects range from oil tycoons to real estate moguls, self-made billionaires to heiresses of family dynasties.  Vast inheritances, privileged lifestyles, and corporate power hang in the balance of these real-life investigations within the gated communities of the upper crust.  However, despite the lengths people may take to secure more money and power, their greed eventually leads them to what they deserve – a wealth of time behind bars.

Channel: Investigation Discovery

Producer: Beyond Productions

TX: 6th June 2011

Source: Discovery Press Office


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