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Greenlit: Timothy Spall – Somewhere On The Irish Sea, BBC4

Timothy Spall – Somewhere On The Irish Sea Last April, Timothy Spall and his wife Shane left Cardiff to continue their mini-odyssey around Britain in their barge, The Princess Matilda. His ambition was to reach Scotland, almost 500 nautical miles away. This would be the furthest they’ve travelled in any one year and the Irish Sea is no easy ride – plus it’s the first time in six months that Tim’s been to sea.

Fighting Force 5 gales which see Matilda thrown around like a rag doll, the couple navigate their way up Wales – stopping for Shane to make an emotional return to Aberystwyth – to take in the delights of Liverpool, Blackpool and Whitehaven before setting off across the treacherous Irish Sea to Belfast, via the Isle of Man, and on to their destination, Clydebank.

Each port brings new characters, new problems, passion and trepidation, coated with Timothy Spall’s natural sense of drama and drollery.

Channel: BBC4
Producer: Steadfast Television / V22 Films

TX: Spring / Summer 2011

Source: BBC Press Office


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