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Greenlit: Scrapheap Orchestra, BBC4

Scrapheap Orchestra (1 x 90′) – Music is everywhere and the most accomplished musicians can make beautiful sounds out of anything. But can they make beauty out of garbage and perform at a high-profile concert in the summer? That’s the question at the heart of Scrapheap Orchestra.

Inspirational conductor Charles Hazlewood leads the challenge, charging a group of the UK’s top instrument makers with the mission of transforming junk, broken furniture and the contents of roadside skips into an orchestra of instruments. He’ll then conduct the BBC Concert Orchestra, playing only scrap instruments, in the hope of performing a flawless medley of three classical pieces – one of which will be an arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. And in doing so, we find out what makes a musical instrument actually work – the science of music.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: Love Productions

TX: Spring / Summer 2011

Source: BBC Press Office


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