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Greenlit: Regency, BBC4

Regency – If there’s one decade that marked an unparalleled cultural shift, and did so with a riotous outpouring of art, fashion, architecture, design and literature, it was 1811-1820, the nine years of the Regency era.

The Regency happened at a moment when the greatest living artists – Turner, Constable and Lawrence – were all British. It was a period of tremendous energy, when the Prince Regent led an architectural crusade that created one of the most familiar design brands in British history – the Regency look.

Regency is presented by historian Dr Lucy Worsley. At the centre of her take on the period is the compelling central figure of George, the Prince Regent. Lucy argues that no other Royal before or since has had a greater impact on Britain’s culture – both as an enlightened patron and collector, and as a symbol of misrule, a man capable of inspiring hatred in poets, wits and writer

Channel: BBC4

Producer: BBC

TX:  Spring / Summer 2011

Source: BBC Press Office


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