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Greenlit: My Child in Their Hands, BBC2

My Child in Their Hands (3 x 60′) – Every year, 600 children with disfiguring conditions visit the world renowned Craniofacial Unit team at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Here their lives are transformed by astonishing and innovative surgery, backed by psychological and educational support. This documentary series follows children with life threatening conditions through the surgery which quite literally rebuilds their heads and faces and, ultimately, their lives.

For the first time, this world-renowned hospital team has agreed to let cameras behind the scenes to make a series showing the extraordinary work they do for their patients and their families. Their work is dramatic, high risk, emotional and life affirming.

My Child In Their Hands shows the ground breaking and innovative surgery which transforms children’s lives: from the first operation on a child whose family might still be reeling with the shock of such severe abnormalities, to the growth of hope and confidence in those families as they are helped through surgery.

Viewers will also meet adolescents having to deal with the self consciousness of the teenage years and young adults discussing how they came to terms with their appearance and people’s reactions to it.

The series also explores the genetic research and scientific investigations which underpin the work of the team. The department’s geneticists are world leaders in their field, uncovering the tiny genetic mutations which cause such abnormalities. But at its heart are the surgeons and neurosurgeons working at the very limits of their abilities in high risk operations.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Landmark Films

TX: Summer 2011

Source: BBC Press Office


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