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Greenlit: Jack the Ripper: Prime Suspect, Network Seven, UKTV, Discovery Canada

Jack the Ripper: Prime Suspect –  The story of Jack The Ripper is one of the most gruesome and infamous crimes in history. A horrific killing spree, which exposed the darkest recesses of Victorian London, leaving a city gripped in terror. Today more than 120 years later, modern science may just hold the key to cracking the case.  There has been a major new development in the Ripper story.  In a laboratory on the other side of the world, lies what is believed to be the skull of Fredrick Bailey Deeming, infamous as Australia’s first serial killer. At the time of his execution in 1892, Deeming was a suspect in the Jack the Ripper case.  In a recent experiment in an Australian laboratory, DNA was extracted from the skull.  Now if DNA can be discovered that can be linked to the crimes, Deeming could finally be proved to be the world’s most notorious killer or once and for all eliminated from the enquiries. The hunt is now on.

Channel: Network Seven, UK TV, Discovery Canada

Producer: Prospero Productions


Source: Screen Australia


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