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Greenlit: 17 Days, BBC2

17 Days w/t  –  BAFTA-winner Angus Macqueen (Death Of Yugoslavia, Cocaine, Gulag) gains exclusive access to six of the Chilean miners and explores the almost unimaginable experience of the men who spent 17 gruelling days completely cut off from the outside world, faced with the prospect of a slow and torturous death, before contact was established with them.

For 17 days following the collapse of the mining tunnel in Chile last year nobody knew whether the miners trapped 2,000 feet underground were dead or alive, and the miners didn’t know if they would ever be rescued. They made a pact not to talk of what happened down below, but now six have spoken.

Faced with temporary blindness, extremely limited food supplies and the horror of silence, they grappled with existential questions most people can’t conceive of. 17 Days explores the personal responses of the miners – the fear, the madness and the sheer determination that led to their dramatic rescue.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Ronachan Films


Source: BBC press office


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