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How to Win a Scratchcard Lottery

Wired tells the story of Mohan Srivastava, a geological statistician living in Toronto who worked out how to spot which lottery scratch cards were winning cards. But when he reported his findings to lottery organizers he found it difficult to get them to take him seriously – until he sent them a batch of unscratched […]

Greenlit: Sinbad’s Family Affair, WE tv

Sinbad’s Family Affair w/t (6 x 60′) –  Docuseries focusing on the work and personal life of stand-up comedian Sinbad. Channel: WE tv Producer: ThinkFactory Media TX: 12th April, 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Superscrimpers: Waste Not, Want Not, Channel 4

Superscrimpers: Waste Not, Want Not (6 x 30′) – Mrs Moneypenny (Financial Times columnist) and Merryn Somerset Webb (editor-in-chief, Money Week) take a two-pronged approach to money management. Moneypenny offers families budgeting advice, while Somerset Webb goes out on the street to tell the general public some home truths about their financial acumen. Channel: Ch4 […]

Has Your Facebook Profile Been Hacked?

In the Face to Facebook project 1 million Facebook profile photos were stolen and sorted by their facial expressions – smug or mild, for example. 981 British women are deemed to have ‘sly’ expressions. The profiles were then uploaded on a specially built dating website, sorted by their expressions. It’s not identity theft, say the […]

360 Degree Vision for Troops

US Troops might soon be able to have eyes in the back of their heads (much like your mother) as the Pentagon is on the look out for 3D computer enhanced imaging systems that will track missiles and recognise objects on the battlefield. Do you have such a thing? Read more on PSFK.

Google Body

Move over Grey’s Anatomy – Google Body has arrived. Those clever Google people have created an online anatomical model (cleverly only available in certain browsers, including surprise, surprise, Google Chrome) that you can interact with to peel back the layers of skin and flesh to reveal and explore bones, muscles and nerves. Try it here. […]

The Streets: Computers and Blues Interactive Video

Mike Skinner of The Streets has released an interactive video – in which you choose what the protagonist does at certain junctures – to promote his latest album Computers and Blues. See it here.

Greenlit: The Last War Heroes, History Television (Canada)

The Last War Heroes (6 x 60′) – Documentary series that intercuts interviews with WWII veterans with CGI recreations and archive. Channel: History Television (Canada), Channel 4 (UK), UKTV (UK) Producer: Impossible Pictures / Entertainment One Television TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Back of the Net, Disney XD

Back of the Net – Magazine format on all things football. Channel: Disney XD Producer: Sassy Films TX: 2011 Source: Televisual

Greenlit: World’s Worst Mom, TLC International

World’s Worst Mom (13 x 60′) – Newspaper columnist and ‘free-range’ kids advocate Leonore Skenazy hosts a show in which she stages interventions to free kids from controlling parents. Channel: TLC International Producer: Cineflix TX: TBC Source: TBI

Greenlit: Gory Games, CBBC

Gory Games (13 x 26′)  – Gameshow presented by Come Dine With Me‘s Dave Lamb and Horrible Histories‘ whiskery star Rattus Rattus, in which three young horrible historians compete in four rotten rounds to win one putrid prize. Set to disgust and delight CBBC viewers in equal measure, each episode of Gory Games will see […]

Greenlit: Chopped All-Stars, Food Network

Chopped All-Stars – Competition series in which 16 famous chefs compete to win $50,000 for their favourite charity. Channel: Food Network TX: 6th March, 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Big Brian: The Fortune Seller, truTV

Big Brian: The Fortune Seller – Docuseries following Brian Elenson and his team as they help people sell all their belongings, perhaps after a death or divorce. Once he’s identified their most valuable possessions he auctions them for the highest price. Channel: truTV Producer: Atlas Media Corp. TX: 22nd March 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Walking Proud in East London

The marvelous Vestry House Museum in Walthamstow has been marking the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual History month with a series of oral histories from people in the LBGBT community in East London. See what they think about whether the battle for equality has been won. Hat tip to the brilliant Walthamstow Scene

Greenlit: Ice Brigade, Food Network

Ice Brigade – Docuseries following  a team of ice-sculptors led by ex-chef Randy Finch. Channel: Food Network TX: 3rd March, 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Up: Howard Lee, Senior Vice President Production and Development, TLC

Howard Lee has been promoted to the position of senior vice president of production and development at TLC. Source: C21

In: Simon Danker, Commercial Director for Independents and New Ventures, BBCWW

Simon Danker has been appointed as commercial director for independents and new ventures at BBC Worldwide, tasked with managing and developing relationships between independent producers and BBCWW. Source: C21

In: Andrew Solomon, Head of Universum, ORF

Andrew Solomon has been appointed as head of Universum, at Austrian public broadcaster ORF. His role involves commissioning, producing and co-producing science and nature documentaries, in a position previously held by Walter Köhler. Source: TBI

Greenlit: Fistula Hospital, Al-Jazeera English

Fistula Hospital (3 x 60′) – As part of the Birthright season, this series explores issues around maternal health. Channel: Al-Jazeera English Producer: Mandrake Films Source: Broadcast

Bored of Your Diet? Try Nutrigenomics

According to Iconoculture, “more than half of U.S. consumers like the idea of using their genetic makeup to tailor-make dietary advice”, (via Datamonitor). The name of this new trend? Nutrogenomics: not one to trip off the tongue…  Read more on Wikipedia.

Greenlit: Life After Lockup, MSNBC

Life After Lockup ( x 60′) –  Spin-off from prison doc series Lockup.  The series follows the inmates featured in the series when they are released. Channel: MSNBC Producer: MSNBC / 44 Blue Productions TX: 26th February, 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: CMT’s Next Superstar, CMT

CMT’s Next Superstar (10 x ) – Competition reality series in which aspiring ten country music stars compete across a series of challenges related to the music industry, including songwriting, music videos, radio interviews and gigs. A live audience votes for their favourites and a panel of judges decide which of the two artists with […]

Move Over Top Gear, You Big Girls’ Blouses

RAF wing commander Andy Green is used to travelling at speed, but he’s planning to go where no-one has ever gone before. He’s hoping to set a land speed record of 1,000mph. There will be so much to concentrate on (not to mention the massive G-forces) that he will have to drive the Bloodhound supersonic […]

Greenlit: FBI: Criminal Pursuit, Investigation Discovery

FBI: Criminal Pursuit (8 x 60′) –  Docuseries exploring how the FBI go about solving crimes. Channel: Investigation Discovery Producer: M2 Pictures TX: 11th March, 2011 Source: Cynopsis

What Are the Seven Wonders of Your World?

We’re used the hearing about THE seven wonders of the world, but what you you choose to be the seven wonders of YOUR world? Travel writer Colin Thubron includes the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul; the Olympic State Park, Washington, USA; Samarkand, Uzbekistan and his back garden. Read more on More Intelligent Life.

Greenlit: The Lost Ships of Rome, National Geographic / WNET

The Lost Ships of Rome ( (1 x 50′) – Documentary that uses underwater archaeology, CGI and interviews with experts to explore five sunken Roman ships off the coast of Italy. Channel: National Geographic / WNET Producer: Windfall Films TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Cuff Me If YOu Can, Investigation Discovery

Cuff Me If You Can (6 x 60′) –  Docuseries that recounts how criminals have attempted to evade justice and flee the USA. Channel: Investigation Discovery Producer: Indigo Films Entertainment TX: 1st March, 2011 Source: Cynopsis

In: Richard Williams, Controller of Multiplatform Commissioning and Digital Content, ITV

Richard Williams has been appointed as controller of multiplatform commissioning and digital content at ITV. He was previously head of multiplatform production and production modernisation at the BBC. Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Coming Home, TLC

Coming Home (13×60′) – Ex-American Idol contestant Matt Rogers hosts a series that follows the emotional reunions of US soldiers returning home after a long tour of duty. Channel: TLC Producer:  Relativity Real TX: 6th March, 2011 Source: C21

In: Jayne Edwards, Development Producer, Off The Fence Productions,

Jayne Edwards has been appointed as Development Producer at Off The Fence Productions, Bristol reporting to Allison Bean, MD. Source: C21

Up: Allison Page, SVP/Programming, Food Network & Cooking Channel

Allison Page has been promoted to the position of  SVP/Programming at Food Network and Cooking Channel, a role which involves overseeing development. Source: Cynopsis

Why You Need a Vacation… or Not

It’s been suggested that getting away from it all is good for boosting creativity; it allows the mind to wander and make new and unexpected connections. However, experiments seem to prove that just pretending to be somewhere else can help spark new ideas. Read more in Wired

Entrepreneurship Starts at 45

Although there are a lot of famous (and rich) twenty-somethings who have been successful (Mark Zuckerberg is an obvious example), it turns out that older entrepreneurs have an edge when it comes to start up success. It’s likely that this is because they already have some personal wealth to cushion them, a better credit record […]

The Dying Art of Writing Well

Does your writing “favor length over brevity, ornateness over simplicity, literalness over figuration”? If so, you aren’t alone according to English professor Ben Yagoda, who has noted that his students seem incapable of writing concisely and clearly. And it’s something that’s increasing with the Internet generation. Read more on The Chronicle.

Call Centre Inmates

Have you ever been driven to a murderous rage whilst on the phone to a customer ‘service’ call centre? (The time an Indian call centre told me that a train ticket that hadn’t been sent to my email address as it should have been, could only be retrieved by my calling the call centre again […]

Greenlit: Sally Hershberger Project, Logo

Sally Hershberger Project –  Series following the life and work of Sally Hershberger, hair stylist to Hollywood stars. Channel: Logo Producer: World of Wonder TX: TBC Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Sex Therapy, Logo

Sex Therapy –  Series following a group of people who are working to overcome trust and intimacy issues with the help of therapist Dr. Christopher Donaghue. Channel: Logo Producer: PB&J Television Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Repo Games, Spike TV

Repo Games (20 x 30′) –  A game show in which Josh Lewis and Tom Detone, real-life repo men give people the chance to keep their possessions by taking part in a win/lose game. Channel: Spike TV Producer: 495 Productions TX: TBC Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Bar Rescue, Spike TV

Bar Rescue (10 x 60′) –  Jon Taffer, who works as a restaurant and bar consultant, shows struggling bar owners what it will take to turn their business into a success. Channel: Spike TV Producer: 3 Ball Productions / Eyeworks US TX: 17th July 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Son of a Gun, MTV

Son of a Gun (6x ) – Series following rapper Cory Gunz as he tries to make it big in the music business. His father Peter Gunz and actor/comedian Nick Cannon also feature. Channel: MTV TX: 28th April, 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Mobile Tagging: What’s That?

PSFK have produced a handy report on mobile tagging – the barcodes that can be read by your mobile phone and located anywhere where people might need to get information. They’re used by marketeers to “lead consumers along the purchase path”, in other words, make you buy something. The report examines how companies are using […]

In: Nancy Yeaman, Director of Developent, Portfolio Entertainment

Nancy Yeaman has been appointed as director of development at Portfolio Entertainment in Toronto. Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Richard Hammond’s Tech Heads, ChannelFlip

Richard Hammond’s Tech Heads (20 x 5′) – Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond presents this online series in which he takes an irreverent look at various technologically smart gadgets. Channel: ChannelFlip (online channel) (sponsored by Regaine) Producer: Hamster’s Wheel TX: 14th February, 2011 Source: Broadcast

In: Marlene Braga, VP/Programming and Development, Sí TV

Marlene Braga has been appointed as VP/Programming and Development at Sí TV,  reporting to Maria Perez-Brown, SVP/Programming. Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: There’s No Taste Like Home, ITV1

There’s No Taste Like Home (30 x 60′ stripped) – I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! winner Gino D’Acampo travels around the UK to find families who have unique recipes. In each episode three home cooks go head-to-head in a restaurant with their dishes. Gino judges which is the best and the winning dish […]

Black Farmers

Last year’s Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference in Brooklyn aimed to raise awareness of ecological and food related issues and career opportunities for the African American community. They quote some startling statistics, including: almost 50% of African Americans will suffer from diabetes heart disease and stroke in the African American community there are 30% […]

Greenlit: Liz McDonald Documentary, ITV1

Liz McDonald w/t (1 x 30′) –  Documentary special featuring Coronation Street favourite Liz McDonald, as she leaves the soap. Channel: ITV1 Producer: Shiver TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Hunting for Dinner

Urban Quest gives diners a series of clues that lead to a slap up restaurant dinner… if only you can find it. The clues lead diners on scenic journeys around Ottawa, Kingston or Toront, Canada and might be by foot, cycle or bus. Read more on Urban Quest

Greenlit: Paramedics Up-Close with Angela Griffin, Sky1 HD

Paramedics Up-Close with Angela Griffin (10 x 60′) – Actress Angela Griffin joins the West Midlands Ambulance Service to find out what it’s like being on the frontline of emergency care. Channel: Sky1 HD Producer: Outline Productions TX: Spring 2011 Source: Televisual

Greenlit: The Chandra Levy Project, TLC

The Chandra Levy Project w/t – Docu-drama exploring the events around the disappearance and murder of  US political intern Chandra Levy, combing dramatic reconstruction with interviews. Channel: TLC Producer: Atlas Media Corp. TX: May 2011 Source: C21

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