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Why Are You Like a Great Novelist?

How is the development producer like a great novelist? Oh, let me count the ways… “procrastination, writer’s block, the terror of failure that looms over a new project and the attention-sucking power of the Internet”, so says the Wall Street Journal. They asked successful novelists about the way they write their books. Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk rewrites his opening sentence 50 or 100 times before he’s satisfied. Hilary Mantell (Wolf Hall) sticks her ideas on a 7ft notice board in her kitchen until she can find a use for them. Booker-winner Michael Ondaatje writes his first few drafts by hand in a Muji notebook and then, literally, cuts and pastes the pages until he’s happy with the narrative. Read more in the WSJ.

What’s your creative process?


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