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Greenlit: My Strange Addiction, TLC

My Strange Addiction (12 x 60′) –  Docuseries that follows people who are struggling with unconventional addictions. Each episode features one person who turns to atypical compulsions in order to deal with their emotional demons.

Some people turn to chocolate when stressed, others with will indulge with a little retail therapy and maybe schedule a massage, but the individuals featured on My Strange Addiction resort to extreme and unusual things in an effort to emotionally regulate themselves. Some of the strange addictions explored in each episode are everything from an obsession with a blow dryer, to another eating toilet paper, to spending time with a silicone person, to eating detergent, to extreme body building, and to thumb sucking.

The reason these individuals have turned to such extreme measures in order to ease anxieties will be explored throughout the series. In the premiere, we meet Thirty-one-year old Lori who has been addicted to sleeping with her blow dryer since she was eight years old.  Although she finds the heat and sound comforting, Lori risks the chance of burning her skin severely or worse, starting an electrical fire.  Even knowing the risks, she still refuses to sleep one night without her blow dryer on.

Channel: TLC

Producer: 20 West Productions

TX: 29th December, 2010

Source: TLC press release via TV by the Numbers


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